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If possible, we recommend using headphones for the online hearing test, this will give more accurate results, as your left and right ear can be tested individually.
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How the test works

This online hearing test will help identify if you have hearing loss, by checking your ability to distinguish speech from background noise.

  • You will hear different combinations of words and numbers, always in groups of three, with varying levels of background noise.
  • Select the icons matching the three words you hear
  • If you get distracted and miss a word, you can click the replay button to have the last combination repeated. It is also possible to restart the test if you want to.
  • If you are using headphones, a test will be done for both right and left ears.
  • If you use hearing aids, we recommend that you remove them while taking the test.

Select the icons matching the three words you hear

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Your results

Your results suggest that you probably do not have hearing loss.

However, this online hearing test is a screening only. If you have concerns that about your hearing, it is recommended that you have your hearing tested by your local hearing care professional.

Thank you for taking our online hearing test. We wish you all the best.
Kind regards,

Kimi Nina Møller,
M.A. International Audiologist, Interton

Find a hearing care professional

Please fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you with a referral to a hearing care professional.

Before you start

Before starting the online hearing test, we would like to check that your sound settings are adjusted correctly.

  • Find a quiet area to complete the test.
  • Choose if you prefer to use speakers or headphones (recommended). By using headphones your left and right ear will be tested individually.
  • Please set your volume to a comfortable level.
  • In order for us to process your personal data and provide you with the result, you need to give your consent upon finishing this test. Your privacy is important for us. Therefore, you must read the full privacy consent statement before you give your consent. You will find it here.